MEC 170 Free Position Buttplate with Hook

The buttplate for prone shooting and three positions Sport- and Free Rifle competition. Unrivaled for adjustability, slim form, perfect manageability. Made of aluminium and stainless steel, with natural India-rubber contact points.

  • The sections can be independently adjusted for height, they can be offset and they can be rotated about the central axis.
  • The stainless steel hook can be swiveled, rotated about its long axis, and varied in length and angle.
  • The free position consists of three surface sections, which are formed along the lines of the contact buttplate.
  • The adjustment rail permits comfortable and easy height adjustment while in position and in between positions
  • The free position can be attached to many of the current smallbore Match-rifles
  • A precision-machined product of peerless quality, and a solution for many of your problems in the shooting positions!