Varga 2000 frame Varga 2000 Pistol Shooting Glasses


Price start from $155.00

  • Lightweight!
  • 140mm wide (fixed, not adjustable)
  • 37mm Lense holder
  • Flip-up Fost white 30mm ISSF legal eyeshield
  • Lightweight Varga frame
  • Carrying case
  • No lens included. We don't kept lens in stock. Please refer to your local Optometric center, they will do it for you.
  • Lens placement is fully adjustable in every direction to make the most of your corrective optics no matter what your head position.
  • Kit that include the iris, this iris is fully adjustable which fits in front of the lens holder. This is particularly good for shooters who have difficulty in maintaining a good sight/target picture (smaller peep hole enhances depth of field) and especially recommended for small target events such as silhouette.
$ 155.00 CAD