Gehmann #560 Superfilter AOS MicroSight TM

The Superfilter is positioned savely in a proper housing with M9.5 x 1 threads for use with all leading sport weapons. Simply screwed in between rearsight and rearsight-iris.

Conventional sights suffer from the disadvantage that the human eye is not capable of focalizing both front sight (picture 1) and target picture (picture 2) at the same time.
The Gehmann MicroSight (picture 3) however facilitates contemporaneous focus of front sight and target by using only one particular filter.
Our Gehmann Superfilter has no magnification or optical characteristics, so it is in accordiance to the latest I.S.S.F. rules.

The shooter’s vision should be corrected for Distance Viewing.  Both front sight and target will be blurred if the shooter is near-sighted 
or is using target shooting glasses designed to provide a clear image of the front sight.

The Gehmann Superfilter AOS MicroSight TM will work with all rearsight irises incorporating M9.5 x 1mm threads including those that contain focusing and/or magnification
but it is unlikely to work well if combined with front sight magnification.

Pay attention:

The Gehmann Superfilter AOS MicroSight TM must be reasonably aligned with the front sight.  If large movement of the rear sight is required for wind or long range, 
the rear sight should be aligned with the front sight when in the middle of the range of rear sight adjustment.  
(This is similar in concept to the 20 MOE scope bases for long range use.)

Closing down the rear iris too far cuts out the dual focus effect.  Try aperture settings a little bit larger than usual.